Manhattan-born, long-time Edmonton resident Agnes DeMarco has pursued an active passion in the arts for four decades.

Agnes has spent her life creatively involved in dance, writing, painting, costume design, interior design, music and entertainment. She raised two sons, also artists: Mac DeMarco, a singer-songwriter; and Hank DeMarco, a ballet dancer currently with Nevada Ballet Theatre.

Agnes currently works as Secretary for the Mac DeMarco Fan Club, writes for Edmonton Legends of Music in conjunction with CJSR and the Edmonton Public Library, and co-ordinates Big Picture Photography's art shows and sales. 

* * *

For 18 years, Sandra Sperounes was the music writer for The Edmonton Journal, where she interviewed thousands of artists — including Meg White, M.I.A., David Bowie, and yes, Agnes and Mac DeMarco. 

You can now hear Sandra on the airwaves as the entertainment columnist for CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM. Her first concert? Men at Work. Her first instrument? Trumpet. Her first interview with a musician? If only she could remember. 

Sandra is a member of the Grand Jury for this year's Polaris Music Prize, to be awarded Sept. 18 in Toronto. She also served on the Grand Jury in 2007.  

She's also one of the co-creators of EDMOjis, an app of emojis inspired by Edmonton, now available for iPhones